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your monthly update on what's happening at the Farm

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New at the Farm

Goat Check Join the 5 Fridges Farm Goat Check team! See where the goats are and stop by to say hello. Take pictures and upload them for all to see. Selfies encouraged!
Cheese Class Learn all about cheese from milk to curd, and take home some fresh Mozzarella! Sign up individually or book the whole class for your group. See our calendar for dates.

Inside the Fridge: June

What's been happening at the Farm in the past month
  • Baby goats finally (2 so far)
  • Goat parade to Lewis Meadows
  • Harvested wild asparagus with all the rain
  • Set up big garden for cucumbers, pumpkins, peppers, and tomatoes
  • Planted berries (raspberry, service berry, elderberry)
  • Weeding, weeding, and more weeding - staying ahead of the weeds with all that rain has been tough
  • Baby chicks arrived
  • Sailing vacation in Puerto Rico
  • And did we mention... VACATION!?!

Outside the Fridge: July

What could be happening at your place this month




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