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  • Accepting applications for the 2020 Apprentice Program
  • Breeding goats
  • Watching egg numbers dwindle as our chickens see less daylight
  • Wrapping up 2019 Apprentice Program
  • Enjoying quiet moments as things wind down for winter


  • Harvesting in a hurry before the cold snap!
  • Making cheese, salsa, yogurt, and bread, drying herbs, smoking squash
  • Drooling over the delicious smells coming from the kitchen
  • Moved boy goats to new spot
  • Cleaning! Organizing! I can see the inside of the barn again!
  • Quality control for @biscottihound (compliments of Eva)
  • Hanging ristras
  • Making full use of Farm fashion for Halloween


  • Farmers Markets are in full swing
  • The boys are settling in to their new job site with their sparkling new GPS collars
  • Enjoying the fruits of our summer labor
  • Kicking off Farmers Market season
  • Smoking everything we can get our hands on


  • Inaugural Goats on a Float in the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival parade
  • Weeding and watering everything that grows
  • Researching GPS collars for the boy goats - look for them at Lewis Meadows soon
  • Farmers Markets in full swing


  • Baby goat cuteness overload
  • Enjoying summer vacation
  • Apprentices taking the ropes
  • Harvesting fresh herbs for delicious cooking and baking
  • Kicking off Farmers Market season
  • Picking berries and currents for jam


  • Baby goats!
  • Moved first batch of baby turkeys outside
  • Drooling over baby goats
  • Successful baby shower and market
  • Planting and weeding and watering, oh my!
  • Waiting for more baby goats


  • Hatching baby turkeys
  • Patiently awaiting the arrival of baby goats
  • Added new laying hens to our chicken coop
  • Planting seedlings outside
  • Trying to stay dry in all this rain!
  • Did we mention patiently waiting for baby goats to make their appearance?


  • Basking in the love and support from our community.
  • Drowning in eggs! The chickens must be super happy because they are laying like crazy! Buy eggs here.
  • Planted 50 apple trees with Clear Fork Cider.
  • Less milk from our lady goats as they prepare for babies.


  • Spring cleaning at the Farm!
  • Incubating turkey eggs for May hatching.
  • Planting seeds in home-made newspaper pots.
  • Amanda Weaver appointed to City Council Member for District III.
  • Two beautiful grazing boys join the herd from Skål Farm.


It's still winter, but we are beginning to plan our spring at the Farm.


So much for our quiet winter! Let's hope the rest of 2019 is a little less eventful.

  • Our 2019 Apprentices began their apprenticeship at the Farm and are getting into the swing of things.
  • We are re-building our herd of boy goats starting with Arlo and Willie.
  • Brody, the Nigerian Dwarf buck, enjoyed his month-long visit to the Farm. Looking forward to some "Nigeriancha" kids in the spring.
  • The lady goats are coming to terms with the fact there are new boys in town. Not sure they are really happy about it, but change is good, right?
  • We continue to mourn the loss of Wendell, Daryll, Daryl, Yoda, and Creampuff.



It's been a relatively quiet month at the Farm for the most part. At least it was until the goats went missing.

  • Received NUMEROUS applications for the 2019 Farm Apprentice Program. We filled our program and had a wait list! We accepted all the applicants we could, but there were just too many to accept them all. Thank you to all who applied.
  • We have a visitor staying at the Farm. Brody is a Nigerian Dwarf buck and will be hanging out with our Lamancha lady goats until mid-January. If all goes well, we will be blessed with "Nigeriancha" babies in the spring.
  • We wrapped up our 2018 Farm Apprentice Program with a potluck dinner to celebrate all that has been accomplished in 2018.


Thank you to all who enjoyed a 5 Fridges Farm turkey this year. They were delicious!

  • Shorter days mean fewer eggs. We do not use artificial lights to keep the chickens laying over the winter - we want a break and so do the hens. Egg sales will resume in the spring.
  • Milk production is slowing as we move into breeding season. Breeding means there will be milk in the coming year.
  • The boy goats have been munching away in the green space next to the Kipling/Clear Creek Open Space trail head. They have about a month to go before being paraded back to the Farm in January.


November is the time to give thanks, and we have plenty to be thankful for at the Farm!

  • Successful season of Farmers Markets
  • Sold out of turkeys
  • Packed up for winter (after starting October with a hard freeze in the 20's)
  • Sold the last cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash after keeping them warm inside until the Farmers Market
  • 2019 Farm Apprenticeship Program is now accepting applications

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