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5 Frigdes Farm

Get Your 5 Fridges Farm Goodies Here!

we work with other sustainable farms in the area

New Delivery Option!

We are doing our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and will deliver your Farm goodies to you. Deliveries will be made on Thursday mornings within a 5-mile radius of the Farm. You must provide a cooler for us to put your goodies into (no human-to-human contact) and give clear directions of where to find the cooler. Cost is $5 per delivery. Customers receiving goodies more than once per month can combine orders into 1 delivery.

Goodies can still be picked up at the Farm. There will be no contact with other humans, and spray/paper towels are available to wipe down what you touch. Common surfaces are sanitized daily.

Eggs & Dairy

Shares are purchased for 3 months at a time and are automatically renewed in 3-month increments. Cancellations to auto-renewal must be made by the 5th day of the last month of the share.

NOTE: We will no longer be accepting recycled egg cartons - please recycle them yourself. We will be using the cartons we received before January and will purchase new ones when needed. Thank you for your understanding.


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