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Poop Your Plants

Plan Do Eat


I'm so tired of watering and repairing irrigation, I would like to rip out all of my plants! While I probably won't do that quite yet (but I know people who are), you should think about getting the necessary ingredients for putting your beds to bed in the next month after the final pepper, tomato, and pumpkin harvests. This means stocking up on cardboard to cover beds to protect from winter wind erosion and weed growth and to promote water retention and composting. And before putting down that cardboard-- make sure you POOP YOUR PLANTS. Fall is the time to put down a strong and rejuvenating manure-- like a poultry manure. After final harvest, his hot manure will help kill any weed seeds in the soil and cool down to be perfect for spring (March planting). 5 Fridges will have bird poop in its fall markets, but there is a limited supply for each market. So, buy early and stockpile with your cardboard until you are ready to cover beds.

The key to happy plants is fertilizer! Get some chicken or goat manure from 5 Fridges Farm and poop your plants - they'll love you for it.

Manure Refresher

March is the time to PUT ON THE POOP! Chicken manure needs to cure/cool for 3-4 months before any/seeds are added. I mix them both for a wonderful rich soil amendment.

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