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5 Frigdes Farm

Turkey Hatching

April and May are filled with egg incubation and hatching baby turkeys.

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Baby turkey Turkey hatchingTurkey eggs incubate at 100°F for 28 days - 26 days in a incubator with a turner, and the last 2 days in a "still" incubator, which has no turner. You can hear the baby turkeys peep in their shells before they create a "pip" (small hole) and cut the cap off of the large end of their egg with their beak. They squeeze out of their shells and wander around the incubator like little drunken people, learning how to use their legs and often stopping to rest and sleep. Once they have dried off they are moved to a nursery box with other chicks and kept between 90-100°F. After they have fully feathered (6 weeks) they will move outside at the Farm.

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