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Freezing Fruit and Desserts

Summer is filled with yummy fruit and berries - but one can only eat so many cherry pies in a week! What to do?!? Freeze them for later!

Plan Do Eat

Fruits and Berries

Most every type of fruits and berries freeze well: if you can grow it, you can freeze it! 


  • Prepare the fruits and berries so they are good enough to eat (remove stems, etc).
  • Rinse with cool water. Drain and dry thoroughly.
  • Cut fruit into desired slices or chunks for easy use once frozen.
  • Sprinkle with lemon juice to keep color.
  • To sugar or not to sugar? I prefer not to sugar until I am ready to use the fruit or berries, and even then I only add sugar that the recipe I'm using calls for.


  • Flash freeze fruit pieces or berries on a non-stick sheet (can use parchment or plastic wrap) - spread out in a single layer and place in freezer until just frozen. Transfer frozen items to sealed storage container or bag and store in freezer. Flash freezing allows you to grab just a handful of frozen items instead of having to use the whole container at once.
  • Remove as much air as possible from storage containers.
  • Measure before bagging - how much is needed for your favorite recipes? Measure it now so you can grab just what you need.
  • Remember, the items will freeze in the shape they are frozen in! If you lay those zippered bags flat when freezing, it makes them easier to stack in the freezer.


When making fresh desserts in summer, you don't have to eat them all at once. Whole desserts (cobblers, pies, cakes, etc) can be frozen once cooled. When ready to serve a frozen cobbler or pie, DON'T defrost it - put them straight in the oven! It will take a while (about an hour for a blackberry pie), so pop it in while dinner is baking. Then you will have a warm dessert ready for the end of your meal.

HINT: Pyrex makes freezer-to-oven dishes. Use the plastic lid in the freezer or fridge, and the glass lid for baking.

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