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Transporting Goats

How do you move goats? Put them on a float! (or use a stock truck)

Plan Do Eat


Before buying a stock truck or assembling a float, take a little time to plan.


Goats do not appreciate being contained and are master escape artists! Whichever method you use to contain them, make sure it is effective, strong, and safe for the goats.


Goats can jump high and climb anything (have you ever seen goats climb a tree?). The sides of your transportation should be taller than the goats you plan to transport, and not be easy for them to climb.

Float (or Flatbed Trailer)

Now that you have your plan, it's time to get the materials.

Goat Panels

The easiest thing we have found to do is use standard goat panels and affix them to your flatbed trailer. These panels are designed to keep goats contained (effective, strong, and safe for the goats). Just be sure they are secured tightly to the trailer. Don't forget the goats need a way to get in and out.


Adorn with environmentally friendly decorations and bling. Don't forget the names of the goats!

Stock Truck

Convert a regular pickup truck into a stock truck.

A few years ago, we needed to build some stock racks for the truck. They had to be

  • Strong/tall enough to hold the goats
  • Easy to install/uninstall (without help)
  • Light enough to carry by 1 person
  • Durable enough to last
  • Inexpensive

We found a great solution: pre-assembled deck rails! These are relatively inexpensive, made from pressure treated wood, and already the right size for a standard truck bed. Available at your local home improvement store.

Goats on a Float

Stock Racks

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