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What is up with eggs these days?

Plan Do Eat

What has happened with eggs??? There are no eggs in stores, but if you do find them, they are expensive!

Three rather huge issues have hit the egg industry in Colorado this year resulting fewer, more expensive eggs.

1) Bird Flu

The bird flu has caused many Colorado egg producers to have to cull (kill) their flocks. When this disease shows up, it is a death sentence for birds. It spreads very fast, and there is no cure. While the epidemic took place last summer, we are only feeling the effects now as the eggs are starting to run out on grocery shelves. It takes 6-8 months to hatch and raise a layer hen to laying age, so there is a lag of new production. And of course, when demand is high, and supply limited, prices go up.

2) New Cage Free REgulation

Two years ago in 2020, legislation was passed in Colorado to require more space for laying hens. That legislation went into effect at the first of this year (2023). That means fewer hens can occupy the same space, resulting in fewer eggs.

3) Feed Prices

Feed Prices are WAY up. Here at the Farm we have experienced almost a 50% increase in feed prices across the board! This is due to global commodity price hikes and inflation. Just like food for humans, the food that farm animals eat (so they can produce other food for humans) has also gone up in price. That makes it more expensive for farmers, and that expense is being passed on to the consumer.

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