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Growing Berries

Different kinds of berries that do well (and don't do well) in Colorado.

Plan Do Eat

Plant berries that you can harvest at this time next year! The time to think about berries is a good year before you hope to start harvesting.  Not all berries, however, do well in Colorado due to our climate and soil. There are lower to the ground berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, there are also larger bush and tree berries such as serviceberries, gooseberries, black/red currents, elderberry, and mulberry.  Blueberries are difficult in Colorado because we both lack the humidity and the acidic soil it loves.  If you love the blueberry taste-- try planting a serviceberry (also known in Canada as the Saskatoon berry).  All the blueberry taste without having to move to Northern Michigan or Oregon.  All of the berries listed however, do very well in Colorado and will yield quite a harvest this time of year with enough sun and water. Though not technically a berry, I also include cherries in June/July picking categories.  While you might be tempted to plant a sweet cherry, tart cherries such as Montmorency and North Star dwarf grow great in Colorado and also make the BEST pies.

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