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Electricity and Cold Weather

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When the weather dips down below freezing you may want to consider these tips when running heat lamps and water heaters. Both of these items can take a lot of energy so consider the wattage or you may flip a breaker. Be conscious of how many heating elements are connected to each breaker. Remember, extension cords are not a separate breaker. Know your house and what outlets are tied together as it is the combined energy pull on all of those outlets at once that can cause a breaker to flip. Consider covering outside junctions (two cords plugged together) so that water does not seep into the connection due to weather.

Water heaters: Most residential agricultural uses do not require high wattage heaters. Birds--- all fowl- chickens, turkeys, guineas, etc do not require water to be heated--- only de-iced. So be sure that you have a low wattage (150-250) bird bath or bucket de-icer. Look for the word "de-icer" as opposed to the word "heater." (Also, don't be surprised at the price <$45 each.) Lastly, make sure that the thing you have bought is safe to use in plastic or whatever the material of your container. De-icers do not heat the water ( only keep ice from forming-- the internal thermostat is set very low.) There is no reason to heat water for most barnyard animals.

Heat lamp bulbs: be aware of the wattage on these as well, but more importantly be aware these things get hot. Because we now live in an age of cool LEDS, these heat bulbs are incandescent and purposely so to generate heat. They can cause fires if touching flammable surfaces. In barns and coops keep them dusted and away from animals being able to sit/climb on them. As a reminder, chicken coops are filled with flammable dust and often wood shavings/or dry straw. Check them periodically and only turn them on when needed.


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