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Plant Cold Weather Crops Outside and Warm Weather Crops Inside

Spring is on the way and you, and your plants, need to be ready!

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Cold Weather Crops

Lettuces, kales, broccolis, spinach - these are all cold weather crops. This means they are sweeter when overnight temperatures are 35-50 degrees. Plant them outdoors in April, or in March if you have a piece of plastic to throw over the plants on cold nights. The seeds won’t sprout for 11 or 12 days, and they will be cozy warm in the ground, so it’s ok if it is still freezing at night.
DO NOT START COLD WEATHER CROPS INSIDE. They do to make the transition to outside well.

Warm Weather Crops

Warm weather crops, like tomatoes and peppers, should be started inside to give them a jump start on our short growing season in Colorado. Start them in March and you will have sturdy plants ready to go outside after the last freeze. In Colorado, we use Mother’s Day as the date when we are done with freezing temperatures.

How do you know if a crop is cold or warm season?

Read the seed packet… it will tell you everything you need to do.

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