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Prep Your Poop

We talked about the kinds of poop in a November issue of Bleats & Peeps (see Put Your Outside Beds to Bed). Today, however, friends of the Farm are asking when and how to put poop in the spring. Let's first talk about some definitions: aged manure, compost, and fresh manure.

Plan Do Eat

Aged Manure

Aged Manure has literally aged (no new poop on top of it) for at least 4 months. This is the aging time that is required (officially) before experts and Organic state guidelines say that poop is safe to use for food crops (veggies, etc). It may still look like poop, but the point is that it is has sat over a time period that any dangerous bacteria, etc has died.


Compost can be manure or other trimmings from your kitchen that have literally composted (or broken down) using a variety of aerobic or anaerobic methods (backyard, high heat, Bokashi, etc). This will look more like dirty or "chocolate cake."

Fresh Manure

Fresh manure is exactly what you think it is, fresh. Not aged, not composted. This is what 5 Fridges Farm poop is... so you have to age or compost it before growing things out of it.

How do I age manure? Put in on top of your current garden soil. No need to mix it in - it will age in place.

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