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Shepherd's Pie

I love this as it gets cold (and as food prices keep rising). This is a friend of the Farm's (Lisa from Biscotti Hound) favorite--with a few twists on an old classic. She has no idea where this comes from, but it has clearly been loved and added too throughout the years.

Plan Do Eat

Notes from Lisa G.

  • I use 1 lb of beef and 1lb if turkey (rather than pork).
  • 4 medium potatoes and an egg to the potatoes to keep firm. 
  • I add additional spices: garlic and onion powders. 
  • I sometimes use mushrooms, but not always. 
  • You can do red, white or yellow onion- your choice. 
  • I add more allspice and clove after browning the meat. 
  • You'll need a large can of tomato sauce if using 2 lbs of meat. 
  • I like lots of leftovers and it freezes well. I cut it up into individual servings and then freeze separately.

Yum! Enjoy!!

Well-loved recipe

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