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Make Space for Storing Preserved Foods

Plan Do Eat

It's time to clean out your freezer and get it ready to store your harvest. Empty it out and defrost it - if you wait till the ice melts you can just mop up the water with a towel. When you are ready to plug it back in fill it with empty cardboard boxes to save some energy.

While you are in cleaning mode, its a good time to tackle your shelves too. Remove any containers that are past their prime and make space for the new ones. Be sure to rotate the jars so the newest ones are at the back of the shelf and the oldest ones are at the front to grab first.

Super easy DYI drying rack for summer spices ( oregano, basil, mint, sage, etc): put leaves and stems on a stackable sweater drying rack in a dark place, covered with a sheet until dry.

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