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Planting Garlic

garlic bulbGarlic is easy to plant and fun to grow. In Colorado garlic should be planted in October to be harvested in July of the following year. The hard neck varieties will grow scapes in the mid summer about a month before the bulbs are ready and have a deliciously delicate flavor like chive ( but garlicy). The soft neck can be braided into garlic braids and wreathes.

To plant, separate the cloves or "toes" from the head and plant each toe, toe up, 2-3 inches in the soil. Give them 6 to 8 inches of spacing between toe plantings. Garlic is a great companion plant and helps repel a variety of mites and aphids. I plant mine with my strawberries to repel spider mites.

For more information on Companion Planting with Garlic, check out this article on written by Barbara Pleasant.

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