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Fresh Pressed Apple Juice

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Clear Fork Cider In this banner year for apples on the Front Range, we picked several thousand pounds of mostly Macintosh apples in the Applewood area and hauled them to Fort Collins to be mashed, pressed and pasteurized. The result is a 5 liter bag-in-a-box of juice that's shelf stable for a year (unopened) and keeps for 6-8 weeks refrigerated. This is amazing stuff, that will make you think you're drinking an apple: it's tart, slightly sweet, and infinitely refreshing. You can cook with it, turn it into hot mulled juice, or just drink it chilled from the fridge. Once opened, keep the box on its side to prevent air leaking back into the juice. Give the box a little shake to redistribute the sediment between drinks. 5 liters = ~1.3 gallons. Note: We call this "juice," not cider, since we MAKE cider that is alcoholic. This is a non-alcoholic beverage suitable for all ages.

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