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Lotion Bar

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Pfz Farms Our lotion bars are made with all natural ingredients. This is a hand and all over body conditioning bar with no water, petroleum, alcohol, preservatives or fillers added! Most lotions are water based with water as the main ingredient. That's why if you wet or wash your hands it just rinses off and has to be reapplied. Our lotion bars keep your skin protected even after wetting or washing your hands. Our 2 oz bar goes a long way and usually last several months. Simply rub your fingers on the bar and apply anywhere you would lotion. Allow to absorb into your skin. It works great on problem areas like feet, elbows, arms and anywhere exposed to sun. Just store out of direct sunlight and avoid high temperatures. Its also great for traveling since it's solid in the container and not in liquid form. The ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and essential oil.

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