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Honey - small

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Pfz Farms 6 oz glass jar Buckwheat - It's been described as tasting like molasses to burnt caramel to malt, we are proud to be the only commercial producer of buckwheat honey in Colorado and we harvest it direct from our own hives. This honey is dark and rich, some of our customers use it in their coffee, some use it as a replacement for sorghum syrup, others use it on our biscuit mixes and then there is the old favorite of a peanut butter and honey sandwich. However you use it you will find a unique flavor that illustrates how we each taste things differently. Wildflower - We have extracted this year's honey crop and have started bottling it up. This years wildflower honey is darker than usual and with it a rich honey flavor with a touch of peppery kick at the end. A great day to day honey for all your sweetener uses, it is lighter in flavor than the buckwheat honey and delicious. This honey comes from our own hives that live on a hilltop in the middle of our land. They never move so we make sure the crops planted around them will take care of the bees all year.

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