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5 Fridges Farm

5 Fridges Farm

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Goats and Trees Christmas to Compost

Each Christmas season, many evergreen trees and boughs appear in the community. What happens to these when the season is over? Lucky for Wheat Ridge, goats LOVE to eat them!

Please sir, may I have some more?Drop off your tree at the Farm (11100 W 38th Ave) any day during daylight hours (follow the signs for where to leave them). The goats will love you for it! The goats love the evergreens, but the chemicals and decorations are not good for them. Make sure your tree is free from all chemicals, colors, and frost/snow, wires, strings, and decorations.

Please bring your ghosts of Christmas past (trees) to us. We will happily recycle them and you will get placed on the "nice" list in Christmas future. (Sorry, we have now confused many human Christmas stories, but you know what we mean.) Merry Evergreens and Happy New Year! ~ The Goats

To all who came to a Farmers Market, took a tour, purchased goodies, held an event, helped us out, or just thought about us...


Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season, and best wishes for  2020

5 Fridges Farm

Naughty and Nice

Applications are now being accepted for the 2020 Apprentice Program


Application deadline is December 15th

Holiday Specials from Vendors at the Farm

Ruby Jean Patisserie

Cakes ~ Rosemary Shortbread ~ MacaroonsRuby Jean Patisserie Cake

Sun Prairie Beef

Fresh Holiday HamSun Prairie Beef Fresh Holiday Ham

Biscotti Hound Dog Biscuit Bakery

Peanut Butter Holiday BiscuitsBiscotti Hound Peanut Butter Holiday Biscuits

5 Fridges Farm

Fresh Goat Cheese - plain or herbed (sage and oregano)5 Fridges Farm Fresh Goat Cheese

Tres Leches Treats

Cupcakes ~ Tres Leches - traditional, cranberry-orange + walnuts, coquito, raspberry + white chocolate, rum + raisinsTres Leches Treats

Inside the Fridge: November

What's been happening at the Farm in the past month
  • Accepting applications for the 2020 Apprentice Program
  • Breeding goats
  • Watching egg numbers dwindle as our chickens see less daylight
  • Wrapping up 2019 Apprentice Program
  • Enjoying quiet moments as things wind down for winter

Outside the Fridge: December

What could be happening at your place this month


  • To eat cookies by the fire with your loved ones



Sustainability Community Education

Fridge Values

5 Fridges Farm strives to research and practice realistic local solutions to the issues in our current food system: access, waste, taste, environment, soil/range management, water use, and land conservation. We believe these sustainable options are best disseminated via community engagement, education, hard work, and plain old fun.

5 Fridges Farm is more than just a cool place to visit goats, it’s also a research farm around sustainable practices in urban farming.

Traditional farming spends a lot of time, money, and energy wrestling nature (climate, soil quality, pests, etc) and figuring out how to make money. Natural systems, however, balance themselves with much greater efficiency. So with each year of listening more, and fighting less, with the plants and animals of the Farm, our efforts get more efficient and more sustainable. 

It also turns out that when the human farmers don’t have the time, money, or energy for farm projects, they get creative, efficient, and sustainable. Here at 5 Fridges Farm, this has turned into a sort of 3BL (triple bottom line) evaluation for projects - the Farm projects must:

  1. Provide and maintain healthy habitats and diets for animals and insects (social)
  2. Promote and sustain the land they live on (environmental)
  3. Be local and financially sustainable (financial)

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